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How to Register on Caravans2Hire

If you wish to submit a listing or save favourite properties that you are interested in, then you will need to register on our site.

A picture paints a thousand words! With that, please find below a series of images that explain what you will need to do.

Caravans2Hire Signup
Create an account with Caravans2Hire
Password Email Caravans2Hire

Once you have your password, go back and login to the site, if you were submitting property details, the site will remember those details and you can continue to add the property information.

Login in for the first time

Now you can choose your package so that you can list your property.

Buying a Caravans2hire subscription package

Select your preferred method of payment

Caravans2hire preferred payment

Either use your bank card or pay direct from PayPal, the choice is yours.

PayPal options Caravans2Hire

Once you have paid you will be redirected back to the website, where you can continue to upload your property or add a new one.

A recurring checkbox is optional.  It applies to PayPal or Stripe payments ONLY. It means the payment will be taken automatically from client account when package expiration date is reached.

If payment fails when done through PayPal or Stripe, the user will continue to have Free Membership by default (if it’s the 1st purchase) or they will be downgraded to free membership if it’s a recurring payment that failed to be processed.

When users buy or upgrade to a paid package, they will receive the number of listings included in the package purchased. Listings do not sum. 

If users have already published an x number of properties, those properties will be automatically deducted from the number of available listings after buying or upgrading the package with more listings included.

If the user deletes a property, that property is still counted as listing used, so the number of listings included will not change after delete.

Users CANNOT have 2 packages at the same time.

When the user upgrades to a new package, that new package limits will start to apply from the moment of the purchase, even if the user had x  days/weeks/months/years from previous membership.

If users downgrade to a package with fewer listings than his current number of published listings, ALL his listings will be set to EXPIRED and they will have to be resent for approval. User CANNOT send to resubmit more listings than his current package allows him to.

If the user has Published and Expired listings, and decide to upgrade/downgrade his membership package – in case the published properties match the number of included listings in a new package (it’s a smaller or equal number), the published properties stay published. Expired listings stay expired.

PayPal options Caravans2Hire

How to cancel a package.

A one-time payment will automatically be cancelled by Stripe or PayPal at the end of package availability.

A recurring Stripe payment can be cancelled from theme user dashboard. The package will expire at the end of package availability and it will not be renewed automatically.

Cancelling a subscription

A recurring PayPal subscription can be cancelled only in user PayPal account. The package will expire at the end of package availability and it will not be renewed automatically.

Cancel PayPal recurring
Cancel PayPal recurring payments


If user’s package expires because he didn’t renew or he doesn’t have money, the package returns to FREE MEMBERSHIP by default.

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